UPDATE: There has been a change for the cost of the season from $50 to $55. Can all captains please advise players of this change and bring the remainder of their balance by the end of the month.


Hockey extended one more week

I managed to get the York for one more week. We will be playing at the same time (5-7 PM). Also, we have the option of keeping the floor until the 16th, so I'd like some feedback on what people would want to do. This would most likely mean another $10 or so....it's up to you.


A new year has begun!

The captains got together on Wednesday night to pick new teams. Here's what went down. Team Lists

This year our fee will be $60 and we'll use the extra money towards things like a stop clock, a scoreboard thingy, balls etc...


Awards Ceramony Photos

Here are some of the photos that were taken from the Awards Ceremony at the HillTop. If anyone else has photos that they want uploaded from this event or from last years games, send them to info@freddyballhockey.com.


Summer Hockey is on!!

I've got a confirmation that our application to the York has been accepted. We will begin playing on May 27th, from 5-7 PM. I'll let you know shortly about how much it will cost everyone.